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Self-contained Antenna Tracker

A self contained antenna rotator and radio controller. Controls both Yaesu and Channel Master antenna rotators.

No computer required!

The Goal

Getting an antenna rotator to work with a computer can be an expensive and complicated task. After paying hundreds for a Yaesu rotator you then have to pay for the computer interface and that costs more than the rotator itself! Then you have cables to hook up, and choosing and configuring satellite tracking software to work with that cable/rotator combination. It can get a bit crazy and it makes it difficult to get into satellite operations.

The S.A.T. does away with the confusion - Just attach it to a rotator and, optionally, a rig. All you need is a web browser to control it!

  • Fully self contained
  • Build in WiFi
  • USB powered
  • Web interface
  • Controls Yaesu G5500 & Channel Master
  • Rig control
  • Real time monitoring
  • Pass prediction
  • Continuous tracking
  • Custom TLE list
  • Configurable AOS alarm
  • Manual rotator control
  • Sky views
  • Sat up/downlink updates


Start tracking by using the search field on the main page, choose from the Pass Predictions or view the entire list of satellites.

The main page gives you all the relevant information about the current pass - all in real time.

Choose a Sat

The Future Passes popup displays upcoming satellites and those that are already in the sky.

The tracker includes a configurable audible alarm to notify you when a satellite is about to reach AOS.

Or choose View All to see the complete list.

Sky Views

Simply click the sky view to choose from two different real time views.

A traditional overhead compass style -

Or a more intuitive from-the-ground style-


Configure your tracker on the Settings Tab.


Set up your WiFi connection on the Network Tab. A network connection is required for TLE and firmware updates but the tracker does not need a network connection for normal operation.

Rig Control

The tracker will control Icom radios through the CI-V jack. It can even control the iGateMini!

Wait - There's More!

What if you already have your favorite satellite tracking software? When connected to WiFi the S.A.T. will appear on your network as a Hamlib server. Instead of using the built in tracking capabilities you can simply control it with the computer. So not only is it a self-contained tracker it also serves as a wireless computer interface! No more expensive cables!

GPredict is a popular tracking software for Windows and Linux that will do rig and rotator control. Below is the Interface Setup screen from GPredict.

Project Status and News

Almost ready! Rig control has been added for Icom and the iGateMini. A 8 pin mini-DIN to full DIN connector will be included for the Yaesu rotator. The enclosure is custom cut black acrylic but we may offer color choices. We're designing a mini-DIN to LED cable now.

Please check back often for updates.