S.A.T. Changelog

Dont allow global RIT when the RIT value is zero. (When editing a transponder)
Silence the AOS alarm for satellites that will never rise for your location. Example - IO-86 in upper northern lattitudes.
Disable the AUTO-CAl button if the rotator doesn't support it.
For FT4 contacts in the ADIF file - set mode to MFSK and submode to FT4. (The transponder must contain "FT4" somewhere in the name)
Simplified the time format settings. Now just one global setting in the LOCATION tab.
Added warning when factory resetting the frequency database.

Fixed small bug when too many favorites are selected.

S.A.T. Manual has been updated to include the new features.
Changed the SATs access point name from "Rotator" to "CSN_SAT"
Ability to edit, add, download, and upload transponders.
Add PL and RIT to transponder database so they can be automatically set.
Added after-pass radio settings. Restore previous state, set memory channel or custom freq, mode & PL.
Seperated the TLE updates and transponder database updates.
Change TLE button label to "TLE/FREQ DB" since they're now seperate.
Firmware update button label changed to 'CHECK FOR UPDATE'
Added visual feedback when NEXT PASSES is pressed.
Radio is no longer automatically enabled if it was manually disabled.
Pass schedule honors minimum elevation setting.
Fixed QRZ lookup from second window.
Fixed G5600 selection switching to G5400.
Added option to show all times in UTC instead of local time.
Fixed missing 75% radio power option.

10/27/2021 FW Ver. 5.400
Fixed Amsat TLE URL by requesting they don't use chunked data.
Added warning that the QSO log can be corrupted during a firmware update.
Added ability to save and restore S.A.T. settings.
NEXT PASSES now shows up to 8 hours of passes and includes multiple satellite passes of the same satellite.
Improved future report speed - increased prediction from 2 to 3 days (72 hours).
Added more checking to protect against invalid TLE files.
Turn off PL tone when switching transponders.
No longer resetting RIT to zero when switching transponders. (Unless the band changes)
LCD alternates serial number and copyright notice on last line when SAT is idle.
Removed empty space at the bottom of the popup window.
If "-D" is seen in the radio mode then the data mode will be set on the radio.
Rotator will start moving before AOS at -5 degrees below the horizon. Was at -3 before.
Add DV and RTTY to radio mode choices.
If CW mode is selected the tuning step is set to 10Hz instead of 100Hz.
Fixed small bug when doing a QRZ lookup when the name and password is not set.
QSO Log - QRZ Lookup can now handle slashes in the callsign.

6/21/2021 FW Ver. 5.312
Improved colors for iPhone, iPad devices
Fixed marking QTH on world map.
Added CW-R radio mode choice.
Fixed saving TLE url. Use: http://www.csntechnologies.net/SAT/nasabare.txt

6/5/2021 FW Ver. 5.301
Fixed small bug in QSO log in second window.
Renamed CALL LOG button to QSO LOG

6/2/2021 FW Ver. 5.300
Added rotator auto calibration
Added Transmit Bandwidth option in radio panel
Added current wind speed and direction in status area. (uses OpenWeatherMap)
Add QRZ lookup in the call log.
Better support for Icom 7100.
Added AZ & EL labels to satellite and antenna postions in main INFO section.
Fixed column headers in pass report.
Change FUTURE button label to NEXT PASSES to more accurately define what the button does
Change hyperlink colors so they're easier to read.
Added time to the filename when you download the Call Log.

4/9/2021 - FW Ver. 5.240
Fixed the automatic park/ready bug.
Show WiFi status on LCD instead of serial number.
Allow saving grid square for manual control.
Removed "(None)" in Wifi list.
Option to display AOS/LOS in 24 hour time on the LCD
Added the Moon to the prediction report.
Added a new rotator style for the G5500 that limits it to 360AZ and 90EL.
Added the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to the TLE list. ;)

2/18/2021 FW Ver. 5.236 Dash Ver. 3.275
Move dashboard and map into the firmware so it's not dependent on the filesystem.
Fixed the LCD dimming function
Improved the recovery option.
Removed the blue world map to make room for other improvements.

2/14/2021 FW Ver. 5.234 Dash Ver. 3.275
Important update! - Added a recovery mode in case the flash filesystem suffers from corruption.
Fixed Park/Ready Bug

1/24/2021 FW Ver. 5.230 Dash Ver. 3.275
You can choose what you want the antenna to do after a pass - Nothing, Park, or Ready.
Fixed a bug when uploading custom TLE file that causes a bunch of dashes to show as a satellite.
Clear transponder list in between scheduled satellites.
Fixed "Future Passes" showing the same satellite over and over.

1/15/2021 FW Ver. 5.226 Dash Ver. 3.268
Fixed the sound in the browser.
Fixed the schedule using the AOS Alarm time.

1/5/2021 FW Ver. 5.225 Dash Ver. 3.267
Play the AOS Alarm in your Web Browser, the S.A.T or both. No mobile browsers. (Maybe?)
The ground track was looking a bit rough, smoothed it out a bit.

1/5/2021 FW Ver. 5.223 Dash Ver. 3.261
Alarm has been changed to TIME instead of degrees.
Scheduled satellites now honor the alarm time.
You can now choose hours or orbits for ground track duration.

1/1/2021 FW Ver. 5.220 Dash Ver. 3.259
Click and drag on AZ chart to rotate orientation.
Click and draw on Ground change to slide left and right.

12/22/2020 FW Ver. 5.220 Dash Ver. 3.254
Removed extra date in the footer of pass report.
Fixed saving the rotator quality setting

12/22/2020 FW Ver. 5.218 Dash Ver. 3.254
Added documentation for new features to online user manual.

12/21/2020 FW Ver. 5.218 Dash Ver. 3.254
Added ability to manually point the rotator by grid square.
Added feature to change VFO frequencies only when they change by a set amount instead of a set interval.
Added support for Icom 820H/821H
Added LCD brightness control if your hardware supports it.
A more complete factory reset.

12/11/2020 FW Ver. 5.208 Dash Ver. 3.243
Add satellite tracking schedule with ability to save.
Switch radio out of Sat mode automatically.
Add a pass report. Download a report of future passes.
Fixed a bug that incorrectly set the radio mode in very specific conditions.
Fixed a bug where the minimum pass setting was not honored viewing future passes.

11/27/202/ FW Ver. 5.144 Dash Ver. 3.205
Bug - Fixed missing satellite name in new info page.

11/27/202/ FW Ver. 5.144 Dash Ver. 3.204
Added multiple window/monitor support.
Added a satellite pass log. Shows a history of the last 20 passes that were tracked and rose above the horizon.
Added link to QRZ.com in call log.
Added ablity to delete QSO log entries.
Added a highlight so you know when you've clicked a transponder.
Added link the the user manual in the About box.

11/21/202/ FW Ver. 5.140 Dash Ver. 3.195
Adding metric or imperial option for LCD display.
Fixed a bug for pound signs (#) in WiFi passwords.

11/20/202/ FW Ver. 5.130 Dash Ver. 3.190
Fixed a bug tracking satellites that never AOS in your area.

11/20/202/ FW Ver. 5.129 Dash Ver. 3.190
Added option to prevent antenna flipping.
Added an Enable button to temporarily pause the rotator.
Added a link to SatNOGS map page.
Network list autmatically refreshed visible networks when opened.
WiFi password is now visible when you enter it.
Continuous mode must be selected with each new satellite.
Improvements to Wifi connections.
improvements to G5500 > 360 degrees.
Improved web page traffic.
Fixed a bug when no rotator is connected but is active in settings.

11/16/2020 FW Ver. 5.119 Dash Ver. 3.184
Bug fixes.

11/15/2020 FW Ver. 5.116 Dash Ver. 3.178
New widescreen display. If you want the old page add "/old" to the address in your browser.
Adding logging with ADIF export.
Added Moon tracking. Search for "Moon"
Reset RIT to zero when selecting a transponder.
Map is clickable in wide dashboard to switch to the line map.
Rotator volts are now also displayed on the Dashboard, in the Rotator setup panel.
Show all 3 digits of the firmware version on the LCD, instead of just 2.
Cleared up instruction when VOLTS is clicked.
Display MAC address on Network Panel
Removed 'Ports' from network page. Not needed.
Fixed a bug when searching for satellite that has spaces in the name.
Fixed a stray clock showing in the map when no track time was set.
If searching by catalog number, the sat name will be displayed if it's found.

Knows issues:
ADIF satellite name come from the TLE file and may match with accepted LoTW satellite
names. Example - ISS in TLE but is ARISS for LoTW.
Moon Lat and Lon is not yet computed.
The device sometime needs to be powered off and on after a firmware update.

11/2/2020 FW Ver. 5.088 Dash Ver. 3.151
Fixed issue with Park and Ready
Fixed issue connecting to access points with spaces in the name
Add trial widescreen Dashboard. Add /wide to dashboard address.

10/27/2020 FW Ver. 5.084 Dash Ver. 3.144
Now sets the DATA mode for transponders in AFSK, SSTV, etc.
Further improvements to radio communications.
Fixed support for the G5400 and G5600 rotators.
Added CLOSE buttons to all setting panels.
Added a link to the changelog in the about box.
Added version numbers to the change log. ;)

10/19/2020 FW Ver. 5.056 Dash Ver. 3.138
Fixed an extra character showing up on the LCD when tracking.
Improved responsiveness when the S.A.T. cannot properly communicate with the radio.
Fixed a bug where Android devices did not properly send the correct time.